Life Members

Life Membership 2021 Tim Overton

Tim Overton

Life Membership 2021 Michael Travcich

Michael Travcich

Life Membership 2021 Sean Richards

Sean Richards

New Life Members

In 2021 we welcomed three new Life Members to Kalamunda Cricket Club.

Each has served over 20 years with the Club and have spent time in Executive and General Committee positions.

Congratulations to

  • Tim Overton

  • Michael Travcich

  • Sean Richards


1904 - 2004

M Harban, C Alligan, N Price, A Beaton, C Hutchison, R Hutchison, D Crabb, C Lewis,

M Hensworth, B McArthur



H Penrose

Jack Kostera

K Dunn

W Craig

B Bremner

Colin Hutchison

DG Crabb

J Suckling

AW Hensworth

Don J Crabb

R Blazey

Chris J Lewis

B Stock

Richard Hutchison (Dick)

Martin Harban

Robert McArthur

Neil Price

Chris Alligan

Anthony Beaton

Gary Rayment

Steve Thyer

Tim Overton

Michael Travcich

Sean Richards