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5 Myths of Junior Cricket Set Straight!

As a parent you might be thinking that Junior cricket sounds boring, but here are the facts around what to expect with Junior cricket including how long a game will take!

You might be wondering what you will get yourself into if your child plays cricket? You’ve probably heard all the stories about the time, the equipment and all the other things that might make it a tough sport to get involved in. But Junior cricket is focused on getting kids involved in sport, and the new pathway and modified games are designed to keep kids interested!

1. With all those players, I won't get a turn.

New formats introduce players in a staged approach. With shorter pitches, smaller boundaries and less fielders per side, Junior Cricket is designed to stimulate action and develop better cricket skills through active and continuous participation. Players can start at one of the Blasters programs and progress to Stage 1 when they are ready. Under 10 and Under 11 games in Stage 1 are home and away style matches in our region with 7 players per team.

2. It takes too long New modified rules mean games are shorter with Blasters running for 1 hour, Stage 1 Junior matches approximately 2 hours and Stage 2 Junior matches approximately 3 hours. At Kalamunda Cricket Club we hold Blasters on a Friday evening, and Stage 1 matches are on Sunday mornings.

3. It’s too slow The modified games have fewer players so everyone gets a chance. Stage 1 games have 7 players and 40m boundaries so there are more opportunities to bowl and with less fielders, there is more space to hit runs! The pitch is shortened to 16m so kids have a better chance of bowling more accurately and batters get more balls to hit!

4. I hate it when I get out quickly Entry level games allow batters to stay in so they can still practice their skills. When a wicket is lost, runs get added to the other team. Each players faces a certain number of balls, so while the focus is still on trying not to get out, if you do, it doesn’t matter you still get to have another go!

5. There is so much equipment to get Most equipment can be supplied by the Club with limited personal purchases required (mainly regarding uniforms). There are often second hand uniforms and equipment for sale. You can talk to Club merchandise representatives for the details! You can also check out the details around helmet safety and Covid safety rules around sharing.

Junior cricket is about keeping kids active and having fun. They’ve got plenty of time to become professionals and Kalamunda Cricket Club is all about supporting our junior players and having fun along the way!


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