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Net Etiquette

With cricket season about to be in full swing, nets and practice sessions are about to get busy!! There will often be multiple teams training but you can show all club mates net respect, by following a few basic rules.

If you are new to the game or perhaps training at a new venue or with a new team, here are a few things to remember when having a nets session.

1. ALWAYS keep your eyes on the ball

2. Never cut through a bowler’s run up. If you need to walk across nets, go around behind the bowlers waiting to run in (but remember not to turn your back on the ball!)

3. Remember the bowling order. Don’t be that player who keeps going out of turn. Have an order and stick to it. And be ready to go when the batter is ready!

4. Bowl properly at the end of a session. You may be tired but make sure the last couple of batters get a quality hit as well. Don’t switch off and muck around – you aren’t helping your team!

5. Throw the ball back to the bowler. The bowler is putting in the effort to bowl to you. Pick it up and throw it back to them, don’t kick it or hit it back at their feet.

6. Once you have bowled, get out of the way so that the next bowler can have their turn. But keep an eye on the ball!

7. Always wear all the correct protective gear.

8. Refrain from joke bowling… this won’t help your bowling technique and it won’t help your batters improve.

9. Work hard!

A good nets session plays a big part in skill development. So get the season off to a flyer… work hard and enjoy the company of your mates… but do it safely and with respect!


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