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End of season celebrations

Over the last few weeks, our Club has celebrated another successful season across all age groups. Our Blasters, Junior and Senior Club members have all gathered to finish off the season at their various windups to celebrate team achievements and individual awards.

It has been a successful year for the Club with Blasters numbers growing, and strong performances in Junior grades. This is the first year KCC has fielded an under 17s team in many years, with credit going to Steve Pabst who was recently named Junior Community Cricket Coach of the Year. Steve has coached many of these players for many years and his support has seen the team progress right through Junior cricket grades. Unfortunately the boys went down in a narrow loss in the Semi Final but we look forward to seeing what the future holds for these young players.

In the seniors, we have grown again, this year ambitiously fielding 5 teams. As usual the season had its highs and lows with highlights coming in the last round before the Christmas break, when all 4 grade teams walked away with the win, and at the end of the season when the 4th grade team won the One Day competition grand final and made the grand final in the 2 day competition.

Overall, a very successful season. Thanks to everyone for their effort over the season - players, coaches, volunteers, parents, committees, sponsors, supporters and everyone else who has impacted our Club. It was great to see everyone enjoying their end of season celebrations!

Congratulations to all the award winners:

Under 12 Blue

Batting Award - Hamish Saunders

Bowling Award - Hamish Saunders

Fielding Award - James Colley

Coach's Award - Aadidev Sajeevkumar

Under 13

Batting Award - Thomas Stone

Bowling Award - Lucas Dye

Fielding Award - Jonathan Cole

Coach's Award - Tejas Deda

Under 12 Green

Batting Award - Dominic Biggin

Bowling Award - Conor Thompson

Fielding Award - Dominic Biggin

Coach's Award - Benji Griffiths

Under 17

Batting Award - Thomas Colley

Bowling Award - Toby Boyd-Ratcliff

Fielding Award - Riley Pabst

Coach's Award - Liam Pabst

Junior Club Awards

Junior Player of the Year Runner Up - Luke Drazevich

Junior Player of the Year - Toby Boyd-Ratcliff

Volunteer of the Year - Dave Saunders

KCC A Grade

Batting A grade - Jacob Johnson

Bowling A grade - Blake Pescud

Fielding A grade - Bryce Cushing

KCC B Grade

Batting B grade - Toby Rendell

Bowling B grade - Tim Overton Fielding B grade - Bryce Munro

KCC C Grade

Batting C grade - Brian Smith

Bowling C grade - Adrian Munro Fielding C grade - Alex Marelich

KCC D Grade

Batting D grade - Mitch Forrest

Bowling D grade - Damien White Fielding D grade - Levi Drazevich


Batting OD4 grade - Matt Farthing Bowling

OD4 grade - Charlie Beus Fielding OD4 grade - Kyle Adjuk


T20 - A Grade - Jacob Johnson

T20 - B Grade - Matt Shaw

T20 - Colts - Bryce Cushing

Senior Club Awards

Hutchison medal - Jacob Johnson

Patrons award - Bryce Cushing

Club person of the year - Novak Drazevich

Chris Lewis Shield - Tim Overton


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