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5 reasons why community sport is good for us all!

Community sporting groups build stronger, healthier, happier and safer communities by providing emotional, physical and financial benefits to the local area. Here are some ways that local sporting groups contribute to the local community in your area…

1. Improves Mental Health

An active lifestyle, volunteering work/life balance and positive influences support and improve mental health.

2. Healthy Growth and Development

Physical activity helps kids with memory, behaviour, concentration and academic achievement. Plus the exercise wears them out and helps with sleep and general health.

3. Economic Support

Encourages support in local business, invites tourism and promotes networking. Members of local sporting clubs are also members of the community. Clubs are a great place to find local business owners and local Clubs like to support the members and their local businesses.

4. Social Bonds

Encourages family and community connection. We see family members supporting each other and friendships built at sporting clubs. Being a member of a club outside of work, school and other daily activities develops friendship and builds and additional support network.

5. Fosters Inclusion

Brings together people of different races, religion, culture and ability.

We love that Kalamunda Cricket Club has been part of our local community for over 100 years. Cricket is a sport that encourages mateship, team work and a sense of community.

Why not consider joining your local sporting group, or visit them and enjoy the company of other locals and maybe catch some of the action as well!


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