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Which Junior cricket format is right for us?

One thing we often get asked by new families during registration time is which cricket format is right for their child.

The introductory cricket levels are currently known as Blasters. There are three types of Blasters cricket - all offered at Kalamunda Cricket Club.

  1. Junior Blasters - For kids aged 5-8 who are new to cricket. Fun skills based games in a one hour session each week.

  2. Star Blasters - Junior Blasters cricket for kids of all abilities. Did you know that Kalamunda Cricket Club is an Autism in Cricket endorsed club?

  3. Master Blasters - For kids aged roughly 7-10 years who are ready to improve their skills and preparing to move into Junior Cricket.

You can check out more about our Blasters programs on our Junior cricket page

A few years ago, the format of junior cricket was changed to allow for shorter, faster games where kids get more opportunity to bat and bowl.

There are:

  1. smaller team sizes to encourage greater match action for all players

  2. reduced pitch length & boundary widths for the younger age groups to make sure they are relevant to your child's size and age

  3. shortened match lengths with high levels of action & involvement

Beginners start at Stage 1 and progress through stages 2 and 3 over their Junior Club Cricket seasons.

Equipment will be supplied by the Club if the child does not have their own. All players are required to have a few personal items including a Club playing shirt, white pants, hat and protective box.

You can find out more information about uniforms here.

Kalamunda Cricket Club has many players who have played Junior cricket right through their childhood and are now playing senior cricket with the Club. As the juniors progress they are encouraged to trial for District representation (if they want to), engage with senior club members and help out with younger juniors and Blasters.

Ultimately we aim to provide an inclusive and supportive Club, nurturing and developing our players from juniors into seniors and encourage them to become good club people.


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