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It's all about the food....

With the introduction of the new “North” wicket at Kostera Oval we have already been able to enjoy days where we can have 3 junior games or 2 senior games on at once. The atmosphere is awesome, with lots of people around the Club. For the senior teams, having another team right there has meant additional cheering from fielders on the ground next door when a wicket is taken, or players taking to the sidelines to encourage their club mates in the final stage of a close match.

Introducing the wicket has not only meant that some teams can play a “home” game at home for the first time ever, but also that the canteen becomes a viable option for the Club. Now, club and parent volunteers can still watch cricket while working in the canteen, and the venue becomes more accessible for spectators.

Opening the canteen regularly has meant an increased offering of food and drinks available. Whilst the usual “treats” are still available the Club has also committed to offering more healthier options.

Community clubs like ours have a responsibility to support our players and families and promote healthy choices. We are encouraging our players to be active through playing community sport, but we also want to further encourage the healthy lifestyle by offering food choices that will fuel their energy and allow them to play their best cricket!

And being a summer sport it is crucial to ensure we stay hydrated while standing out in the summer sun. Over half of our body is water and drinking water helps you stay cool, replaces the fluid you lose through sweat and helps you make sure you are able to continue to perform at your best. You may not realise you are dehydrated until it’s too late, so please ensure you are drinking water before, during and after a games to stay hydrated!

As a Club we have made the decision to invest and increase the access our players and families have to healthier options while at the ground.

As well as chips, drinks and lollies, the canteen now offers sandwiches, toasted sandwiches, fruit salad, muesli bars, muffins and some other light meal options. The more people show interest, the more options we can offer, but also ensure food doesn’t go to waste.

We will also have one off “specials” at times during the season, so be sure to keep an eye out for what’s coming up that week on our Club social media pages.

So, if your team is playing at Kostera Oval, don’t just come along to support your team, support your Club as well by planning to purchase your breakfast, your snacks, your lunch or your drinks from us!


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